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I'm just this guy, y'know?
I help write a webcomic. I'd be writing and drawing at least another one, if not -more-, if only I could keep myself from getting too stuck in the conceptual stages of things. Apparantly, however -completing- things is a skill of mine that has rusted quite significantly over the course of time.

Hopefully, with a little nudging, some critique, and suchlike, maybe I'll be able to provoke the writer in me to write again.

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a good challenge, anime, averting tropes, battletech, cats, chrono trigger, coffee, computers, drawing, exterminatus now, eyrie productions, knowing what i'm talking about, kung fu, legacy of kain, logical consistancy, lurking, making shit up, manga, martial arts, mechwarrior, megaman, neon genesis evangelion, phantasy star online, sketching, snow, soul reaver, starting things i never finish, stuff, subverting tropes, swords, the redundant department of redundancy, things, things that don't suck, tvtropes, undocumented features, video games, warhammer 40000, world-building, writing
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