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So I was talking about Raptors, and leaving sketchpads at work. And also I guess how much working graveyard shifts make a mockery of one's ability to relate common time periods, but that's tangential at best.

Anyway, brought my sketchpad back. Pulled the first couple raptor designs out of it.

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So, uh. Yeah. Hi, how've you been?

Me, I've been busy. Or possibly "distracted". The two conflate sometimes. In any case, I have been somewhat remiss in my attempts to form any kind of semi-coherant blog stream about the stuff I'm working on.

So, business as usual, then.

Not that the last few months have been uncreative, oh no. I have, for instance, mastered the at of the speech bubble, with thanks to my good friend Virus. I had a moment of delightfully good lunch break sketch, resulting in this image, and my first breech of my standard nondisclosure practice on what I shall now dub [Project G] until further notice. And I have quite a slew of writing notes with which to cobble and tinker into useful form.

I posit that drawing backgrounds into scenes is one of the most major hurdles still remaining between me and completed comic pages.

The other biggy is still writing the damn things, but there we go. If I can finally run myself out of art-based technical aspects I'll be able to concentrate entirely on cracking this nut. That will be nice.
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So. Have a picture.

It was supposed to be part of a test comic page, but thanks to the nature of recent writing developments any scene it could be a part of won't have context or groundwork for something like a couple of years at the least, by which point I'd just draw it fresh. Azuria, unfortunately for her, has to join the rather extensive chronological queue before joining the cast proper. She's in for quite a wait.

That said, maybe I'll do another attempt at speed-inking and colouring on it. Practice on that front is going to be useful, after all. We'll see.
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Setting: Original Project - "Omega Chronicles"
Media: Pencil, Photoshop
Rating: G

'Raege' beckons.

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