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So I was talking about Raptors, and leaving sketchpads at work. And also I guess how much working graveyard shifts make a mockery of one's ability to relate common time periods, but that's tangential at best.

Anyway, brought my sketchpad back. Pulled the first couple raptor designs out of it.

Everything is better with Dinosaurs )
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Boy oh boy, it's been busy these past few weeks.

Doesn't show any signs of letting up yet, either. I'm not complaining - it's been a long time since I've had decent, steady work, and the pay is pretty good. Well, I say steady, but there is a certain level of unpredictability in my continued employment, which hampers my ability to plan around it. But I digress.

Point is, it eats into my writing time like a bitch though, to say nothing of my drawing time. I managed to scribble out some rough page/length guidelines on the first chapter of [Project Omega] in various lunch breaks, along with other further scrabbly notes for the next couple chapters and some overall arc plotting, but I haven't had much in the way of solid blocks of time to flesh it out properly, let alone try and draw it.

Not that my computer was having much fun trying to keep up with the massive photoshop files that made up the first couple proto-pages. Hi-Res PSD's get bloaty and shit. I shall have to see if I can find a suitable upgrade path so that I can continue with somewhat less issue that doesn't burn the entirity of what money I've managed to earn thus far.

So. Work on various projects has slowed considerably since November (which was a flurry of activity like nobodies business), but has not stopped.

In the interest of not letting you go away empty-handed though, have a rejected design for one of the characters in chapter 1. Rejected not because it was bad, per se (though it did occur to me that it runs perilously close to tripping the Staff Chick trope, which I find somewhere between disdainful and loathsome at the best of times, because Staff Chicks are indescribably dull) but because it was so differant in base style to her team-mates, all of whom share a similar stylistic flair that the differance was jarring.

Also, I had to get rid of the stick. I only put it in as a throwback to an early concept of the same character, and it didn't occur to me until I'd finished that image what a fundamentally bad idea it was, given the structure of the rest of the setting. Such is the way of character creation.
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So. Have a picture.

It was supposed to be part of a test comic page, but thanks to the nature of recent writing developments any scene it could be a part of won't have context or groundwork for something like a couple of years at the least, by which point I'd just draw it fresh. Azuria, unfortunately for her, has to join the rather extensive chronological queue before joining the cast proper. She's in for quite a wait.

That said, maybe I'll do another attempt at speed-inking and colouring on it. Practice on that front is going to be useful, after all. We'll see.
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Drawing a lot more than I finish is normal, and uploading only a fraction of what I consider "finished" is also pretty common.

Mind you, I'm trying to cut down a bit on that. So I figured I'd pull a classic sketchdump routine.

CS4 and my scanner don't seem to like each other much )
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Setting: Chrono Trigger - Divergence [Spoilers]
Media: Pencil
Rating: G
Summary: Some Sketchy sketches of sketchiness.

So, uh, how long ago did I promise to do this?

No idea. Too long, certainly. I am far too good at procrastinating for my own good - I can even manage not to do the things I want to be doing in a timely manner, such is my prowess. Nevertheless, I have finally begun to deliver on fanart for [personal profile] stealth_noodle's Chrono Trigger fic, Divergence, because it is a glorious read.

Lucca is a lot harder to draw than I remember )


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