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The latest (bonus) episode of Writing Excuses, "Flash Fiction" made me chuckle, so I thought I would share.
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Drawing a lot more than I finish is normal, and uploading only a fraction of what I consider "finished" is also pretty common.

Mind you, I'm trying to cut down a bit on that. So I figured I'd pull a classic sketchdump routine.

CS4 and my scanner don't seem to like each other much )
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Setting: Original Project - "Omega Chronicles"
Media: Pencil, Photoshop
Rating: G

'Raege' beckons.

Dreamwidth bonus thoughts )
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Setting: Phantasy Star Zero
Media: Pencil, Photoshop
Rating: G

So, I found a brush/inking combo that seemed to allow me to produce half-decent stuff at an actually useful speed, but my first test involved a pic I'd already half done.
So I doodled this up to see if this speed thing was actually genuine. It certainly seems to. I'll have to do a couple more before I'll call certainty though.

I call her Siren.
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Setting: Chrono Trigger - Divergence [Spoilers]
Media: Pencil
Rating: G
Summary: Some Sketchy sketches of sketchiness.

So, uh, how long ago did I promise to do this?

No idea. Too long, certainly. I am far too good at procrastinating for my own good - I can even manage not to do the things I want to be doing in a timely manner, such is my prowess. Nevertheless, I have finally begun to deliver on fanart for [personal profile] stealth_noodle's Chrono Trigger fic, Divergence, because it is a glorious read.

Lucca is a lot harder to draw than I remember )
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Title: Cheating Death
Setting: Chrono Trigger [Spoilers]
Media: Writing
Rating: PG
Summary: A quick one-shot I did a few years back, based somewhere between one of the anime cutscene clips from the remakes and my own hazy memory.

Having to redo all my formatting was annoying )
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