Dec. 10th, 2010

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Well, I was going to have some Singapore fried rice again (mebbe try it without the egg to see what happened) except that the only pepper around was mouldy, we'd run out of garlic and I couldn't find the prawns. Alas, I found this after I'd already washed the rice.
Thus, in the tried and true, time-tested recipe-method of "Making stuff up based on what I found in the kitchen", I bring you this little something I whipped up. For certain values of "bring you", anyway - mostly I record this so I have a referance to go back to another time. :)

Cooking Experiment 101: Jamaican style Samon Fillet
Serves: 1

A frying pan
A small saucepan

75-100g rice
700ml chicken/vegetable stock
1 salmon fillet
2 tsp jerk seasoning
worcestershire sauce
1 chilli (ideally scotch bonnet), deseeded
salt & pepper
salad, to serve (tomato, sliced sweet red pepper, lettuce)
1 tbsp vegetable oil

1) Wash the rice thoroughly, put it into the saucepan and add the chicken stock and 1 tsp of the jerk seasoning. Stir well, bring to the boil and simmer for ~9 minutes (or whenever the rice is cooked). If it runs low on water, remove from heat, drain any remaining excess and let it steam in it's own heat in a collander for a couple minutes - that should finish it off.
2) Season the salmon with the salt, pepper, worcestershire sauce and remaining jerk seasoning, and sprinkle the scotch bonnet on top.
3) Heat the oil in the pan, set to a low heat, and add the salmon skin-side down. Cook for a minute or so, then flip the salmon and press it down at either end to sear and stick the chilli's to it.
4) Once the top has seared (takes about a minute), carefully tip the salmon onto it's sides to sear those, then flip back skin-side down and gently heat through for about another 4 minutes
5) When the rice is cooked (taste it to test) drain any excess stock/water. Lay the salmon on top, and serve with whatever salad you have to hand.


You can probably leave out the Worcestershire sauce in the likely-if-you're-not-british chance you can't get hold of it, and although you could use any deseeded chilli, I highly recommend scotch bonnet's because they are actually -tasty-, in addition to being spicy.
If you can't find any Jerk seasoning, then Allspice isn't a bad alternative - not quite the same, but quite nice.


All in all, I think this went reasonably well. Especially since I was just making use of what I had to hand (Case in point, I didn't even have any of the aforementioned salad, but since I usually have it when I do salmon, I still recommend it.)
If I'd had the option, I would've liked to lightly fry half a pepper alongside the salmon, and I might see about some kind've sauce to go with it for version 2, but it does work without. Perhaps something with lime juice. Will have to see, really.


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