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An entire year? Really? Godsdamnit. All of the deities.

If I go by drawings I put on DA, It's only, like, three months, which isn't so bad! Except that it is, because apparantly I suck at completing things, given an average of one thing complete every two months or something like that. Ok, I'll give that September/October was when -all- of the video games came out, and getting a new XCOM game worthy of the name has taken something like ten or more years anyway, but that doesn't really excuse the rest of the year.

OH well. Let's post some catchup here and then see if I can actually concentrate on doing things for a while without ending up playing MechwarriorLRM's Online.

RD-E2 - Next Waypoint by ~silversword on deviantART

Oh yeah, that one. Raptor doodles, because raptors. I think I was noodling with armour concepts too. I'm not even sure any more.

Reality Divide by ~silversword on deviantART

Oh hey, the point where I finalised my comic name change and did a group shot of the initial cast. I think I'd planned to start within a couple months of that!
That...didn't work out. I am not so good with the hammering of lines into script into pages. Also, starting stories is fucking hard.

Needs More Dapper by ~silversword on deviantART

This one is obvious, really. Everything needs more Dapper.
Also, as established elsewhere, it was a semi-counter to the flux of pony drawings my brother kept putting on the fridge. It came to a stalemate;

Pinnacle Park by ~silversword on deviantART

A reminder to myself to actually keep drawing and -posting- relative shit for those guys. Also because I wanted to draw her 'alternate outfit', if you will.

Schlock Mercenary - Lt. Ebbirnoth by ~silversword on deviantART

Webcomic fanart, eyeball practice. I was most amused to find that the creator found it within a day or so of me posting, and I still have no idea how. He liked it though, is all good.


Some day I will settle on a name for her. Also she's far too much fun to draw. Possibly because she requires a much more potent expressiveness than other characters I have.

I should probably try to be more social sometime so that I've got people watching what I'm doing, or something. Being publically accountable for not having done anything might make me more likely to do things.
Probably. At least, that's the logic a friend of mine ( has been using, hence their video logging and stuff.
Maybe I should just start livestreaming shit.


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